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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
3:19 pm
More Bucky, all the time...

Bunny Paws Bunny Paws
My baby boy being all cute and posing for me, with bunny paws.
whiskers whiskers
I have a new mobile, it does nifty things to the photos you take, I did this one just fooling around.
Goodnight sweetheart Goodnight sweetheart
More mobile phone shenanigans of my baby.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
1:25 am
Hey guys! Please welcome our new moderator, missusmoonlight!
Monday, September 22nd, 2008
11:23 am
Prairie Dog!
Here is our newest addition: Samantha the prairie dog! (I think it's a dumb name so we are taking suggestions at this time!)

She is 8 years old and hasn't been taken very good care of. She has virtually zero body fat! The old owners dropped her off a yesterday morning. I don't know a whole lot about Prairie Dogs as they've been illegal since about the time I started rescuing. But now they are legal again! (As if it matters. I would have taken her anyways!)

She sleeps a lot, poor old girl.

So here we go! If you have any prairie dog know-how, share!

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Sunday, September 21st, 2008
7:14 pm
Companion Pet

This just in, she finally caved and I'm getting a new kitty. :)

I really think I want a kitten. I got Isis after she was out of that 'cute cuddly kitten' stage.. And I just think a kitten would be nifty, haha.
Friday, September 19th, 2008
10:51 pm
My Baby Girl...

Jurnee has some presence.  She always has.  The runt of her litter, she was born on the mean streets of East Los Angeles, in an alley.  She was taken in by a nice lady who had a cute brother who i went to school with.  he had a girlfriend, but i had an even more embarrassing crush on him.  because i wanted to impress him, i took in the kitten, and by the time she arrived home, I named her Jurnee.  She is possessive, moody, talkative, loving and hairy.  She has not had an easy life, and I have no one else to blame but me, but she has thrived and though she hates how much I do love on her, i know she knows that I mean well.  She is thirteen now, but you wouldn't know that by looking at her or even seeing her in action.  Last month, i celebrated her birthday with a wonderously pink ice cream cake.  I hate pink, and i think she doesn't.

10:40 pm
Saturday, September 20th, 2008
3:03 pm
mah Kitties
I have three cats;

this is Callista, she is 10 years old and is a Abyssinian/Burmese cross, she's my permanent attachment, and never leaves me alone, she still hasn't forgiven me for making her move last year and having to spend a few hours in the cat carrier.

This is Nyx, she and Callista are sisters, I got them a week apart, Callista first and she has never let me forget that at one point in time she was an ONLY cat and she much preferred it that way.

and This is Bucky A Katt, my purebred Maine Coon, he's almost three and is the biggest furriest ball of floof ever.

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Friday, September 19th, 2008
11:48 pm
I'm only a very recent pet owner. My partner and I had been living in a place where we couldn't have any pets and I really really wanted a dog. I thought I would start volunteering so I could spend some time with dogs and so I took up dog transporting (I take one leg of a longer trip to help get dogs from high kill shelters to homes and rescues). I figured I would be able to help out dogs in need AND get some time with dogs to appease my "must have dog NOW" thing.

Erm...didn't work. It made me want my own dog even more.

And so we found a new place to move to. We were moving at the end of June and so I started perusing petfinder.com looking for potential dogs.

Then on April 20, I did a transport for a BBD (big black dog). She had been in a high kill shelter and was going to be euthanized due to lack of space and the fact that BBDs have a harder time getting adopted. But a rescue pulled her. The shelter spayed her and the transport took her across country to Vermont. I met her on the transport and fell instantly in love. The first thing she did was give me a big ol' kiss on the cheek. She was just so incredibly sweet.

The following week she was up on petfinder.com and without hesitating I put in an application. Note: This is APRIL and we're not moving to a place we can have dogs until the end of June. Well, the rescue decided we were the perfect people for her and we arranged to bring a dog out to her on May 17th and pick up Dahlia. We met halfway between our place and the rescue.

We ended up renting my partner's ex-wife's old place that she hadn't been able to sell and we moved in there so we could have the dog. We lived there for a month and a half while moving from one place to another.

Dahlia came home to us and it's been wonderful ever since. She's an incredibly sweet and affectionate dog who hardly barks, was already housebroken (she's somewhere between 2 and 3 years old), doesn't chew on anything, and is fairly mellow. She's learning how to play and is great with everyone and even great with cats. We just love her to bits.

For anyone wondering WHAT kind of dog she is...well, we know she's at least 1/2 border collie, maybe even more. She acts most like a border collie, though not as high drive as some. The other part people think is lab.

Some pics behind the cut.

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9:37 pm
My Pets
I have a ton of pets! If you want to know more about them or see more pics, just ask! For the most part, all my animals are rescues. And since I run my own rescue, some of these animals are currently for adoption, but most are not. I have had dozens of species of animals in the past and I have had 4 jobs that involved animal husbandry.

Please do not take my pics. :)

For starters, I have 2 Great Danes named Zoose and Kira. I found Zoose on the side of the road in East Texas about three years ago, and I rescued Kira from a BYB about a year later to be his buddy. They are on a raw diet and eat about 2 pounds of meat, bones, or organs every day.

We also have two smaller dogs who technically belong to my sisters, who are currently gone to college. Their names are Robbie and Zoe and are a lab/beagle and a borderjack, respectively.

I have four cats, Jasmine a 16 year old male DSH orange tabby, Tristan a black male DSH, Mab a female dilute calico, and Mojo a DLH orange tabby. They are all strictly indoors.

I have three large parrots. Kiwi and Rosie are the two Solomon Island Eclectus, and Basil is the Red-Lored Amazon. Rosie is two, Kiwi is 10, and Basil is 20+. I got them all for free. I plan on getting another female Ekkie named Ruby in a few days.

Then there are the four ferrets, Thistle who is 12+, Pogo who is 10, Cosmo who is 5, and Draco who is two.

I also have hedgehogs: Chaos, Harriette, and Amy with her babies. I am an official Hedgehog Rescuer with the Hedgehog Welfare Society.

And then the rats. Females: Integra, Anastasia and her 9 babies, Tatiana, Alexandria, Olga, Marie, and Natasha. Males: Boris, Squeeks, Malakai, Vladamir, and Ivan. I also have a foster rat: Skippie and a wild baby roof rat who will most likely be staying here as a pet.

And then Skippy, the Kangaroo Rat and my un-named Desert Horned Lizard.

And my rescue also currently has a pair of Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamsters, three finches, and 5 baby squirrels.

And my mom has two horses.

Edit: This weekend, I am adopting a Prairie Dog named Samantha!
7:52 pm
9:06 pm
Yay pets!
Okay, so this is my list of pets.  Some are technically my mother's, but since I live in the house, they are mine, too.

First of all is my basset hound, Pork Chop.  He'll be two in November.  He's the most energetic dog I've ever owned.  Dear god...that dog could run for months and not get tired!  He's a tri-color.  I adopted him from a rescue organization called CLAW (Citizen's League of Animal Welfare).  His mother was a rescue dog and gave birth to six pups in the rescue center.  His original name was Potluck, but we didn't like that name and started calling him Pork Chop. 

Then there is my African Dwarf Frog, Speckles.  I think I've had her for almost seven years now.  She's awesome.  I love her, she's always staring at you funny or begging for food.  She also is incredibly jealous and has killed any other frogs I have brought into her tank--okay, more territorial than jealous, but oh well.  There are two long-skirted black tetra, and a cori catfish in the tank as well, but they don't have names.  I used to have a shrimp, but my frog ate it! :)

My mom has two birds.  Budgie, our parakeet, he's almost seven years old as well.  And then Sandy, the lovebird.  We used to have two lovebirds, but she died suddenly.  She got sick one day, and the next day she was dead :(.  The one that died was named Squeaker.  She was such a mean little hoe, but I loved her all the same. 

And, up until June, I owned two Zebra Finches, but due to unfortunate neglect by my former best friend while I was out of town, they are not longer with me.  Their names were Frankie and Scrabbles.  I miss them a lot.  They were the first pets I bought with my own money and not my parent's money or gift money--money that I earned. 

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EDIT:  Ack!  I just realized that I didn't put a pic of the parakeet in here!  I couldn't find one, so I forgot to include it.
6:09 pm
Soo. I guess I will *post first*.

Hi. :P

Isis is my only pet currently, I'm trying to get my girlfriend to let us get another because now that we're on our own she seems lonely and lethargic without someone to play around with.

She just turned 1 on August 14th, and she is a crazy ball of energy.

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7:54 pm
Hello everyone!
Hello! Where to start, well I have four ferrets, two cats, and a dog. I love them all. My four ferrets are free roam fun little monsters, all boys, Chubby, Tiny, Fonzi, and Mystic. All of my ferrets were adopted. They are carriers of a disease ADV, which is cHellontagious to other ferrets, so I offer sanctuary to any ferret whose test is positive. The only other alternative for them is euthanization in most cases.
My cat Hex is a 9 year old rescue from the Humane Society. He mostly enjoys his window seat and to be left alone to nap. The occasional cat nip is okay too.
Last but not least is my shih-tzu wicket. He's just over a year old and the cutest little guy I know. His best friend in the whole world is my deaf ferret Fonzi. He also enjoys his wubba kong, pig ears, and doggie parks.

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4:56 pm
As a way of saying hi, why don't you post an entry telling us about your pets? Their names and breeds and how you got them and pictures and whatever else you like? Make your own entry though, so everyone can see!
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