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omg pets!

This is Nami. She's just over two years old and is my little girl. :) She's not a snuggler most of the time, but she's definitely fuzzy and adorable and attached to me. She always hangs out in the same room as me, and stays in my room with me all night without complaint.

(And before anyone asks, that's my ex-boyfriend in the picture, not me. >>)

This is Ferne. She and Nami were littermates. Ferne is a scaredy cat; she runs from everything, but she's obsessed with those Temptations treats, haha. She's not allowed outside anymore because she's allergic to something or other; she ends up scratching around her neck until she's hairless and bloody and it's not pretty.

This is George. I don't have as many pictures of him because he's Mom's cat and I haven't lived with her the whole time. :) I actually rescued him myself, but she grew very attached to him so I let her keep him.

We also have a little gray dude who hangs out with us. He adopted us. I call him Buddy(bear), and he's totally snuggly and adorable, but he needs to go to the vet because of a large growth on his side, but we can't afford to take him. :( We're working on finding him a home. I don't have any pictures because the lighting in my house is horrible and he generally shows up after dark.
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